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PC Servicing

Fed up with slow PCFed up with your PC or laptop running slowly?

Getting lots of pop-up adverts?

Has your homepage changed recently?

Wished your computer ran like it was new?


At Corfe Mullen Computers we can make your slow PC or laptop fast again with a PC Service.

We can remove any viruses, spyware, pop-ups and other malware that your anti-virus product has missed.

Check for problems and fix any software related issues. Helping make sure you have a safe, speedy and smooth computing experience.

It’s just like getting your car serviced!

Here are some of the issues we check for and resolve:

  • Hard drive file-system errors which slow the computer down
  • Viruses, spyware, pop-ups & other types of malware
  • Patch security loop holes
  • Update old versions of your software*
  • Install all current Windows updates
  • Remove junk files and ‘clean’ Windows
  • Stop unnecessary start-up software which delays you getting going
  • FREE anti-bacterial and air duster clean

All this only costs £89 per computer.

This is a great way to get all the software problems your computer has repaired for a fixed cost.

Fast laptopBusiness Computers


If you use your computer for business then the time you spend waiting for your computer to respond is costing you money.

Having unreliable computers also puts your company’s data at risk. Your data is worth a lot and losing it could put your business in jeopardy.

Have a PC service done regularly and your computers will be kept running efficiently, reducing your costs.

Regular PC services will help maintain the reliability of your computers helping to secure your company’s data.

Corfe Mullen Computers can also show you how to backup your data and also make it accessible from other devices and locations which will add security and flexibility to your work.


* Freely available software updates will be included in the price. If a newer version of a piece of software requires a new license to be bought then this will be extra.


  1. Phil Purvis

    Hi, I have been trying to install the latest update for Windows 10 since December. My system does not restart as it should needing a hard reboot. The update downloads ok but needs a hard reboot when working on updates at 75% and then freezes at 82%. A hard reboot at that point returns the system to the existing version. Are you able to assist?

  2. Steve Kempton

    I installed Windows 10 on my PC over a year ago. All was working ok, but for some time I have had an issue with Microsoft edge? I removed the file from C Drive and tried to reinstall, but it still will not work properly. The issue is that I can open emails from the start menu, but not from the desktop icon? In addition, when an email is open I cannot open any attachments?

    One common error message that I receive is: Problem starting or specified module could not be found C:\Users\Steve\AppData\LocalLow\zaw33.tmp
    Also grateful on any advise on how to improve performance as I haven’t added any memory or increased HD size etc for some time.
    I can drop the PC off to you or arrange a time to fix at my home address at Canford Heath.

    Many Thanks

    1. RickRick (Post author)

      Hello Steve. Sounds like your PC needs a service. I’ll private message you.


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